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"Outward beauty and youthful appearance
are the
result of inner fitness."


 - Martha Lucas
Close-up of a woman undergoing cosmetic acupuncture treatment on the forehead, with focus on relaxed facial features and neatly manicured fingernails


Cosmetic Acupuncture is an overall system of healing that rejuvenates and revitalizes your face and body. 


A study published in the The Journal of Clinical Acupuncture found that 90% of clients receiving cosmetic acupuncture experience a marked improvement in their face and overall feeling of rejuvenation.  In essence, Cosmetic Acupuncture procedures are “Anti-aging Treatments” that positively impact overall health. Clients look and feel younger.   


Cosmetic Acupuncture is a safe, healthy and affordable alternative to modern cosmetic treatments.

The benefits include:

Softer moisturized skin that looks vibrant with an even skin tone

Promotes collagen production, reducing the appearance of both fine and deep lines

Reduces or eliminates age spots, rosacea and acne

Facial acupuncture is amazing! I am an acupuncturist and the results I received from Deborah's treatments were surprising even to me. We watched as my face actually lifted from the treatments. Deborah Maghen, is gifted at everything she does as a healer. I miss having her here in Los Angeles. Her herbal remedies are potent and well-balanced. I used to have her write custom formulas for my clients when needed. 
Anyone who chooses Deborah to help them with their health from the inside out will be gaining a potent ally on their healing journey.    

 Cari Schaefer M.A.TCM, L.Ac.

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